Atech's line of business-class PCs and workstation computers deliver superb performance and reliability.

PC Desktop Workstations

Atech computers workstations are designed to be best-in-class. Our goal is to deliver top-tier computer workstations engineered to have a useful service life of 3-5 years and beyond. We analyze currently available components on the market and assemble the components into a system to make a business class PC. We do not use inexpensive or generic components. Atech uses exclusively IntelĀ® processors along with best-in-class mainboards and other brand name components. Your business is too important and downtime is too expensive to use sub-par parts. We also have the knowledge and expert support to keep your computers running with minimum downtime.

Laptop Workstations

Atech laptops are typically selected to give five years of productive use. Our philosophy is to select a laptop PC at the sweet spot of currently available hardware, providing you the best bang for the buck at the carefully chosen point that provides capable hardware without paying a premium just for the latest technologies.

We have found that this provides the optimal experience across a design service life of 3-5 years.